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My Platform for a Vibrant Rural Economy 

Let’s change things for the better.

There are a diverse array of opinions around here, but we share common core values and common needs. We work hard. We care about our families and our neighbors. We come together to rebuild after tragic events, and we organize to help those in need. The people of the 96th deserve representation that is committed to representing their values, who work to help where they need it most. 

We are currently facing a defining time in our country. If we act together, we can address the extraordinary damage created by this pandemic. We need to keep people safe and prevent the virus from spreading. And we need a strategic plan to boost our small businesses, manufacturers and farmers to regrow our local economy. Now, more than ever, we must have representation that will not just toe the party line, but will stand up for the needs of our district.

My greatest hope is that I can be a part of creating communities that attract the young people of rural America to return home after completing their secondary education. To do so, we must have available housing, daycare, sound infrastructure, clean water, and broadband available throughout the district. All these issues are interconnected, and that's why we need a comprehensive approach to building a vibrant rural economy. 

I firmly believe that a thriving rural America is key to continuing the tradition of community consciousness that our great nation was founded upon.

The Pandemic


I won’t stand for inaction when our communities need help. We need a science-based approach that uses all the state’s resources to help everyone get back on their feet.

Pre-existing Conditions


I support the Affordable Care Act and its mandate that health insurance cover preexisting conditions.

Medicaid Expansion


I support accepting the federal funds which every taxpayer in the state has already contributed to. Expanding Medicaid in our state could give 176,000 Wisconsinites healthcare coverage.

Clean Energy


I am committed to securing a renewable future for all of us. We need to find and adapt to energy solutions that put our health, and health of the planet, first.  

Clean Water


We can’t put profits over people. We need to invest in clean water programs, like well testing and watershed improvements, so that residents, agriculture and tourism can all count on this critical resource.



I will fight for policies in Madison that will help all farmers of every size stay on the land and strengthen the backbone of the most important industry in our state. 

Public Schools


We need to fully fund K-12 education and modify the current financing systems that treats rural schools unfairly.

Campaign Finance


I represent the needs of the people in the 96th district, not outside interests. I will not take any PAC money, or donations that come with strings attached.



The 96th district needs more housing, and it has to be affordable. We need to work to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, and create programs that give local municipalities access to planners that can help assess and improve housing opportunities on a community by community basis.

Rural Broadband


Broadband internet is not a luxury item. It’s an essential utility for every industry in our area, from education to agriculture, healthcare to tourism. We need a coordinated effort between state government, federal government and utility companies to ensure our area gains ground in this crucial area.

Accessibility & Responsiveness


Constituents should be able to count on reaching their legislative representatives. My constituents can reach me any time at
608-606-5306 or



We need to find a fair and sustainable way to give the Department of Transportation the resources it needs to bring our roads back up to the high quality they were before a decade of DOT budget cuts.

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