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A fresh voice and new energy for the Wisconsin Legislature

Hi – I'm Josefine Jaynes and I want to be your next Assembly Representative!


I will bring a fresh perspective and new energy to the legislature, with a strong desire to build a bright future for our district for many generations to come. ​Having been raised in a military family, I have witnessed firsthand inspiring examples of dedication, faith and active community involvement. These examples have instilled in me a strong sense of duty and service.  


I am lucky to have grown up in this beautiful and multi-faceted district. I have experienced countless examples of neighbors reaching across party lines in their everyday lives to find common ground and mutual respect, regardless of party affiliation. Our local church councils, school boards, villages, townships and city governments work together, committed to decency, to find solutions. I believe it is possible for our state government to move beyond partisan politics to work towards better solutions. I am committed to working with both parties to achieve what is best for residents of the 96th district and the entire state.  

We are currently facing a defining time in our country and our world at large. We have to act on our strong community values to address the extraordinary economic damage created by this pandemic, with a strategic focus to boost our small businesses and regrow our economy. At this crucial time, we must have representation that can look beyond party lines and work together to address the needs of our district. Out of adversity comes innovation, and I am eager to get to work rebuilding. 

I am passionate about creating an economy that attracts our young people to come back to their home district to settle down after attending college or trade schools. The hard-working youth raised in our communities are one of our most precious resources and we need a vibrant economy to attract them. Investing in small businesses and new housing in our communities is key to creating a space for them. We must find new ways to incentivize our young people to raise their families and build their future here in the 96​th​.


Firmly grounded by my family, my faith and my community, I'm at a unique place in my life where I am able to commit 100% of my time and effort to serving this district. I believe an assembly person should be available to their constituents at all times. So please, reach out to me at 608-606-5306 or email me at ​​. 


Let's use our collective voice to create an energetic, common sense blueprint to restore economic prosperity to our district. Come with me to Madison! 

Josefine Jaynes 

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